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The Library Department has been committed to support the instructional needs of both students and faculty even during this new normal where students are unable to go to the library. We have tons of library materials that are easily accessible for use and we regularly updated the collection in order to meet the needs of the users.

Some of the collection available in the library are theses and Project Research/Study from the undergraduate and graduate students that are submitted to the library from year 1980’s up to present. We made a list of these collections readily available for our student’s perusal. Please click the link to check the available theses and Project Research/Study: List of Available Theses and Project Research/Study

Bona Fide students of RMC undergoing researches may use the theses and Project Research/Study available in the library for their references. To avail of this service, students and faculty should follow the instructions given below:

  1. Students and Faculty should check first in the list provided the following information of the material they are interested to: title, author and year of publication
  2. Students and Faculty should message Rizal Memorial Colleges IBED or The Rizal Memorial Colleges Inc. or any of the library personnel for faster transaction
  3. Provide your white enrollment form and the information needed so that the library personnel can easily retrieve the material
  4. The library personnel will send to your email the scanned copy of the Abstract of the thesis you requested

And for the information of everyone, this service is not only limited to theses and Project Research/Study, if you want to request a scanned copy of any references, magazines, journals, and books in the library, you may just message us through the FB pages mentioned above. Please note that scanning is only limited to 10% of the work/material.

If you need the physical copy of the book, our book borrowing service is always available, just follow the instruction given in this link:

For inquiries and other library services, please contact the library personnel for faster transactions:

Rhona C. Taboada
Chief Librarian
Messenger: Rhona C. Taboada

Anna Joyce Alfornon-Yap
Cataloger/Periodical Librarian
Messenger: Joyce Alfornon-Yap

Lovely Rose Broca-Rubiato
Messenger: Lovely Rose Broca – Rubiato

Arjay B. Undo
Internet/Reserve Section In Charge
Messenger: Arr Jeeh Bigwas Undo

Charmaine Grace P. Palapas
Grade School Librarian
Messenger: Charmaine Grace Palle Palapas

Jesheena B. Salobre
JH/SH Librarian 
Messenger: Jesheena Bulotano Salobre

Veronica S. Palacay
JH/SH Library Staff
Messenger: Veronica Susas Palacay

Rosalie P. Lacorte
Law Library In-Charge
Messenger: Salie Lacorte