Tabang OFW – Tertiary Education Subsidy for Dependents of Repatriated OFWs

Tabang OFW – Tertiary Education Subsidy for Dependents of Repatriated OFWs


In response to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s directives in his meeting with the Inter-Agency Task Force and during his 5th State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 27, 2020 to provide aid, like training and scholarships, to dependents of repatriated OFWs who have lost their jobs because of COVID-19, the following guidelines are hereby promulgated to ensure the efficient and effective implementation of the Tabang OFW (Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES) for Dependents of Repatriated/Displaced Overseas Filipino Workers) in providing financial assistance to dependents of OFWs repatriated, displaced or deceased because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of their unique situation, these students currently stand of equal footing with those highest in rank in the Listahanan 2.0 and are, therefore, as part of the prioritization category under Section 7 (b) of R.A. No. 10931, deserving of full extent of the assistance of the government


The financial assistance shall be known as the Tabang OFW (Tertiary Education Subsidy for Dependents of Repatriated, Displaced or Deceased Overseas Filipino Workers) Program,


The Tabang OFW is intended for one (1) college-level dependent of an Overseas Filipino Worker repatriated, displaced or deceased during the COVID-19 pandemic.


A qualified grantee shall be entitled to a one-time grant of Thirty Thousand Pesos (PHP 30,000.00) covering AY


The amount of ONE BILLION PESOS (PhP1,000,000,000.00) inclusive of three (3) percent administrative Cost has been allocated by the UniFAST Governing Board to be transferred to DOLE through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the implementation of the Tabang OFW program for Academic Year 20202021 and shall be given to dependents of OFWs repatriated, displaced or deceased because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


A grantee under this program must satisfy all the qualifications under TES as stated in Section V of the DBM-CHED Joint Memorandum Circular No. 7, series of 2019 or the Guidelines on the TES Program, in accordance with Section 7 of R.A. No, 10931, namely:

6.1 Must be a Filipino citizen;

6.2 Must be qualified under the existing admission and retention requirements of the SUCS, LUCS, and private HEls, and have not exceeded the Maximum Residency Policy of the HEI;

63 Has not been expelled from any HEIGHT; and

6.4 Must be enrolled in an undergraduate post-secondary program of SUCS, CHED recognized LUCS or in programs of private HALls that are in the Registry;

Provided that the grantees must also meet the following additional qualifications:

6.7 Must be a dependent of an Overseas Filipino Worker as certified by the Department of Labor and Employment repatriated, displaced or deceased during the COVID-19 pandemic;

6.8 Must not be a recipient of scholarship/grant from any government agency.
By dependent is meant that person financially dependent on the Overseas Filipino Worker for his or her college education


7.1 The DOLE shall identify all Overseas Filipino Workers, repatriated, displaced or deceased in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that have at least a dependent enrolled or is intending to enroll in public and private HEI in AY 20202021
The repatriated or displaced Overseas Filipino Worker shall elect one (1) of his or her dependents who shall be included in the program. In the case of deceased OFW, the legal surviving spouse, parent or next-of-kin shall elect the dependent.

7.2 The DOLE shall require the identified students to submit Proof of enrollment or intention to enroll in electronic format, such as:

7.2.1 Proof of Enrollment, scanned copy of Certificate of Registration/ Enrollment with total number of units earned signed by the Registrar, with official school dry seal;

7.2.2 Proof of Intention to enroll of an incoming freshman, dependent’s letter of intention to enroll in an HEI, addressed to the Office of the Director of the Bureau of Local Employment of the DOLE supported by proof of qualification for admission issued by the HEI and assessment of fees (for students in private HEIS); and

7.2.3 Proof of Intention to enroll of an ongoing student, dependent’s letter of intention to enroll in an HEI, addressed to the Office of the Director of the Bureau of Local Employment of the DOLE supported by Proof of Enrollment in the last academic term of AY 20192020 and assessment of fees for the current academic term (for students in private HEIS).

7.3 For purposes of transferring the funds, the DOLE shall submit to the UniFAST Secretariat the Certified list of college-level dependents of Overseas Filipino Workers repatriated, displaced or deceased in 2020 due to the Covit 19 pandemic, containing the following information, repatriated displaced or deceased OFW’s complete name, jobsite, occupation and province region and dependent’s complete name, birth date, HEI, year level. Degree program, and address.

7.4 The DOLE shall ensure that there is no duplication of names within and across regions in the certified list of dependents to be submitted to the UniFAST Secretariat.

7.5 Thereafter, the UniFAST Secretariat will generate the Master List of Qualified Tabang OFW Grantees as basis for the transfer of funds to the DOLE.


For proper implementation of the disbursement procedures and monitoring of the Tabang OFW payments to public and private HEIS, hereunder are the roles and responsibilities of parties concerned

8.1 UniFAST Board

1. Deliberate and approve the budget allocation for the implementation of the Tabang OFW and the Memorandum of Agreement between CHED, UniFAST Board and DOLE,

8.2 CHED UniFAST Secretariat

1. In coordination with DOLE, disseminate the information to all public and private HEIS the implementation of the program;
2. Assist the DOLE in the preparation of the MOA and the guidelines;
3. Prepare the necessary vouchers, obligation requests and other pertinent documents relative to the fund transfer to DOLE;
4. Facilitate the processing of transfer of funds from CHED to DOLE
5. In coordination with DOLE, monitor the efficient implementation of the program.

8.3 DOLE Central Office

1. Be accountable to the funds received from the CHED-UniFAST pursuant to the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA);
2. Issue an official receipt for amount received from the CHED;
3. Conduct orientation on the implementation of these guidelines and other relevant activities, in coordination with the CHED-UniFAST;
4. Submit reports to the UniFAST Board, through the UniFAST Secretariat, and other concerned agencies regarding the implementation of the program;
5. Process payment subject to the accounting and auditing rules and regulations;
6. Check the completeness correctness and accuracy of the pertinent documents submitted for the Tabang OFW grants to be paid expeditiously; and
7. Facilitate preparation and processing of the DVs and all pertinent documents for the release of cash advance to DOLE Regional Offices for the payment of the benefits of the Tahang OFW grantees.

8.4 DOLE Regional Offices

To carry out the administrative functions necessary for the smooth implementation of the Tabang OFW program, the DOLE Regional Office shall perform following functions:

1. Process payment subject to the accounting and auditing rules and regulations and check on the completeness, correctness and accuracy of the supporting documents needed for the disbursement of benefit to student grants;
2. Facilitate preparation of payment for the grantees of the Tabang OFW enrolled in the public and private HEI for Textbook learning materials, any further academic and extra-curricular expenses, stipends (including food, lodging, clothing, transportation, health/medical needs and school supplies) and other related costs needed for the beneficiary’s education;
3. Facilitate the release of the financial benefit to the grantees;
4. Ensure that full assistance through proper orientation and information dissemination has been provided to qualified enrolled Tabang OFW student grantees;
5. Orient the students of their obligations, duties, and responsibilities upon acceptance of the grant;
6. Maintain a regional database of the Tabang OFW grantees; and
7. Submit liquidation reports to the DOLE Central Office regarding the implementation of the program in the all the regions,

8.5 Student Grantee

1. Attend orientation meetings related to Tabang OFW program implementation.
2. Receive the benefit as Tabang OFW student-grantee from the DOLE Regional Office by:
a. Providing a photocopy of School ID with specimen signature indicated therein and
b. Signing in the payroll sheet upon receipt of the benefit.


9.1 Upon receipt of the check representing fund transfer from the CHED for the implementation of the Tabang OFW, the DOLE Central Office (DOLE-CO) shall issue corresponding Official Receipt to the CHED;

9.2 The DOLE-CO shall deposit the check to the BTr-DOLE Trust Fund and shall request the Bureau of the Treasury (BTr) for the issuance of Certificate of Deposit;

9.3 Upon receipt of the Certificate of Deposit from the BTr, the DOLE-CO shall request the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) for the release of Notice of Cash Allocation (NCA);

9.4 Upon receipt of the NCA. the DOLE-CO shall prepare the documents for the fund transfer, in the form of cash advance, to the DOLE Regional Offices (DOLE-ROS) concerned;

9.5 Upon receipt of the fund transfer from the DOLE-CO, the DOLE-ROs shall prepare the necessary documents such as the Budget Utilization Request and Status (BURS) and Disbursement Vouchers (DVs) for the release of benefit directly to the grantees

9.6. The concerned DOLE Regional Office shall issue the financial support directly to the beneficiary’s account through bank transfer or electronic payment facility within two (2) weeks upon approval.

9.7 Utilization and disbursement of funds shall be subject to budgeting, accounting and auditing rules and regulations.


10.1 The UniFAST Board, UniFAST Secretariat, CHED, DOLE and its Regional Offices shall strictly comply with the provisions of R.A. No. 10173, and its IRR.

10.2 OFWs/ Legal guardian and their dependents under Tabang OFW shall sign a Consent of Data Subject Form upon submission of their documents. Said form shall also apprise them of the following information:

a. Identity of Personal Information Controller or Personal Information Processor that will be given access to the Personal Information;
b. Purpose of data sharing/transfer;
c. Categories of Personal Information concerned;
d. Intended recipients or categories of recipients of the Personal Information
e. Existence of the rights of data subjects, including the right to access and correction, and the right to object; and,
f. Other information that would sufficiently notify the data subject of the nature and extent of data sharing and the manner of processing.

10.3 The DOLE, UniFAST Central Office and CHED, as recipients of personal information of OFWs and their dependents shall:

a. Use personal information only for the purpose of use as stipulated in these Guidelines; and
b. Ensure that its personnel observe the confidentiality of the Personal Information and will prohibit any unauthorized access, improper use, duplication, disclosure, or destruction of any of the Personal Information in whole or in part,

10.4 Further, personnel within the DOLE, UniFAST Central Office and CHED shall notify their respective heads of office through their division chiefs of any unauthorized possession, use or disclosure of Personal Information by any person or entity not authorized by their respective offices to have such possession, use or knowledge.


Interpretation of the provisions of this Memorandum Circular, including cases not covered herein shall be referred to the UniFAST Board for resolution


The agencies concerned shall adopt a strict policy on transparency and accountability in the disbursement of funds and shall be governed by existing and relevant laws.


If any part or provision of this memorandum circular is declared void or unconstitutional by operation of law or rules and regulations, the same shall apply only to that specific provision and the remaining clauses provisions shall subsist and remain valid and enforceable.


All other existing orders and memoranda which are contrary to or inconsistent with any of the provisions of this Memorandum Circular shall be deemed repealed or modified accordingly,


This memorandum circular shall take effect immediately.

Apply for the Tabang OFW Program


Only displaced OFW parents can claim for the Tabang OFW Program. These are OFWs who have not finished their contract and they have come back to the Philippines. OFW parent has to provide proof of arrival in the Philippines.

For OSSA to assist you in your application, kindly fill out the form.

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