Supreme Student Government Election News 2021

Mark Joshua C. Salmorin was elected President of the RMC Supreme Student Government for Academic Year 2021-2022 during a 3-hour virtual and sometimes connectivity-challenged election on November 3, 2021.

Mr. Salmorin is a fourth year BSED Social Studies major and the former Governor of the College of Arts & Sciences and Teacher Education.

During his campaign speech, President Salmorin said that RMC needs leaders who unite rather than divide.  He said further that his leadership is one of communication and fostering of understanding within the group, as he thinks those qualities are needed for the many tasks ahead for the SSG.

15 representatives at three (3) each from the  College of Agriculture (COA), College of Arts & Sciences and Teacher Education(CASED), College of Business Administration (CBA),  College of Criminal Justice Education(CCJE), and the Technical-Vocational Department (TechVoc) were to elect the officers among themselves. All representatives were endorsed by their respective deans. Only ten (10) representatives were present in the Zoom room during election time, but the number satisfied the election rules on quorum and valid conduct of elections.

The other officers elected were Cris Ann Sawangan (Internal Vice President, CCJE), Jenny Ruth Mae Modo (External Vice President, CBA), Alexa Sheen Bangoy (Secretary, CCJE), Reyza Antonette Torejas (Treasurer, CCJE), Marlon Medillo (Auditor, CBA),  Christene Pagas (Business Manager, COA), Jonna Mae Maceda (Public Relations Officer, COA ). Enisa Booy (COA) and Jovelyn Canonigo, who were present during election, along with the other five (5)  representatives are all members of Supreme Student  Government.

President Evelyn A. Magno approved this election process as an innovative response to the need for SSG elections during the pandemic.

In her welcome remarks, Dr. Lourdes C. Cabintoy, Vice President for Academic Affairs, emphasized that the SSG leaders need to learn how to achieve their objectives with efficiency (process), effectiveness (results) , and economy (resources and budget).

This very first virtual SSG election process was ably facilitated by the officers of the RMC Commission on Elections (COMELEC), namely, Nhez Robante (Chairperson, CCJE), John Lloyd Tomanggong (Vice Chair and Program Host, CASED), and Mark John Alonzo (Secretary, CBA).  NSTP Director Cristina C. Ariate was also present. She was invited to be official observer of the electoral process.  Alumni/OSSA Staff Cleofin Pardillo was technical support for the program. He created the Google forms used during the nomination and voting processes. OSSA Director Amado S. Ancla provided training and guidance to help ensure the success of the election. The election program started at 3:00 PM and adjourned past 6:00 PM, ending with the singing of the RMC Hymn.

Along the theme of teamwork, Internal Vice President Cris Ann Sawangan (CCJE) said that leaders who work effectively never say “I”, do not think “I”, but they think “we” and  they  think “team.”  The SSG team will have a series of meetings soon as they also plan for their induction into office and many other activities.

Congratulations to the new officers!  Great success for the SSG!  Pro Deo et Patria!

(With reports from Alexa Sheen Bangoy, Mark Joshua Salmorin, and Amado. Ancla.)

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