NSTP CWTS Drug Education Webinar: Drug Dilian Arun Kinabuhi Maampingan

The National Service Training Program under the domain of Civic Welfare Training Services successfully conducted a drug education webinar via Zoom last Saturday, April 2, 2022, at exactly 9:00 a.m. with the theme: Druga Dilian Arun Kinabuhi Ma Ampingan. The speaker of the said webinar was PDEA information officer III Mr. Noli Nephi D. Dimaandal who was presented by the NSTP Coordinator Ms. Cristina C. Ariate. The webinar was welcomed by the message of our OSSA Director Mr. Amado S. Ancla with the presence of the two faculty members Professor Liliosa P. Moneva and Mr. Gerry D.

The objectives of the said webinar were the following:

A. Provide our NSTP students structured learning opportunities to develop their knowledge and attitudes about kinds of drugs.

B. Teach our NSTP students to peer resistance or refusal skills so that they will learn to say “NO” to drugs.

C. Ensure that our students are effectively engaged with drug abuse prevention initiatives.

There is much to do in our school drug education implementation program.

The only way we can think about is to continue to formulate interventions that are effective in creating behavior change practical to the new normal setting of the school. Monitoring mechanism with purposeful evaluation be in place. 

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