Bringing Precision to Progress: Regional Annual Administrative Tactical Inspection 2024

When the cadets assembled for RAATI, they did more than execute every choreographed move; they exemplified excellence. Their meticulous preparation in organizing and conducting the drills ensured the success of RAATI.

The RMC ROTC achieved an outstanding overall score of 98.11% during RAATI, under the guidance of COL VIRGINIA N. ANG GSC (ARM) PA, ROTC Commandant, CPT KENNY D. BINNANG (OS) PA, Tactical Officer, CDT COL DEXTER H. FERNANDEZ (ROTC) 1CL, Corps Commander, and Cpl Louie James G. Dumayas (Inf) PA, Chief Clerk.

During the PRE-RAATI, Dr. Nelia B. Aga, Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs, emphasized that the concept of being a champion transcends mere victory or defeat. Echoing this sentiment, Prof. Ariate and Dr. Evelyn Magno praised the event. Dr. Magno described the RAATI performance as “Awesome and Impressive,” commending the RMC ROTC unit for their attention to detail and their commitment to excellence. Their performance showcased the values of Rizal Memorial Colleges, Inc., emphasizing precision and readiness to serve the community with pride.

Congratulations to the RMC ROTC Unit.


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