RMC joins kick off festivities of CHED’s Pearl Anniversary and 4th Higher Education Week.

RMC, RMC, RMC rah, rah, rah! Go with CHED, go with CHED, Ready na!

Such was the cheer and yell of the 12 delegates of The Rizal Memorial Colleges, Inc. (RMC) during the Davao Region Kick Off Ceremony for the 30th anniversary celebration of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) on May 15th and the observance of the 4th Higher Education Week with the theme “Transformative and Resilient Philippine Higher Education.”

The event was held on the campus grounds and in the Gymnasium and Cultural Center of the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP), Obrero, Davao City on May 10, 2024.

The RMC delegation was composed of Dr. Nelia B. Aga, Mr. Amado S. Ancla, Dr. Janine Sato-Betonio, Ms. Servanda S. Calumpang, Ms. Rosalie E. Caminero, Ms. Annabelle F. Jacinto, Dr. Agnes P. Mascariñas, Ms. Liliosa P. Moneva, Dr. Albert G. Musico, Dr. Anastacia G. Notarte, Dr. Noel R. Ponsaran, and Ms. Rhona C. Taboada.

USeP President, Dr. Bonifacio G. Gabales, Jr., and CHED XI Supervising Education Program Specialist, Dr. Christopher Pio O. Pulido, delivered welcome addresses. CHED XI Regional Director, Dr. Maricar R. Casquejo, declared the opening of the 4th Higher Education Week. CHED Chairman, Dr. J. Prospero “Popoy” de Vera III, also delivered his message to the participants through a video.

Assembly time for the event was at 6:30 AM at the USeP campus where participants from Region XI Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) signed in the registration forms per school. Participants then gathered at the oval for the Unity Walk Parade where delegates walked behind their school banners towards the USeP gym.

Each HEI delegation was announced while entering the gymnasium. Their photos were then taken on stage behind CHED XI officials. The colors were marched on stage by cadets of the Davao Merchant Marine Academy (DMMA). The DMMA Marching Band played the Philippine National Anthem and the invocation “The Prayer.” Then the CHED XI personnel led the singing of the CHED Hymn which was played through video.

After all the speeches were delivered, the program hosts asked the HEIs to yell out their cheers. The RMC delegates were among those who volunteered to showcase their prepared yell and cheer.

Upon the closing of the fiesta, everybody helped themselves with the sumptuous and abundant snacks provided by CHED XI and other donors. Delegations also took pictures of themselves in the photo booth.

(Article written by Amado S. Ancla)

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