The Office of Student Services and Affairs, in collaboration with the RMC Supreme Student Government, orchestrated a Policy-Making Seminar/Workshop and Orientation centered on R.A. 11313 and R.A. 11053. The primary objective of this workshop was to provide a lucid framework for policy formulation that would not only serve the institution’s best interests but also enhance the governance of our student leaders. It aimed to acquaint them with the relevant legislative acts (R.As) that will contribute to their growth as leaders within the institution.

The workshop, themed “Navigating the Policy Landscape: Empowering Student Leaders,” witnessed the participation of over 200 attendees, ranging from the Integrated Basic Education level to the College level. Among the participants were representatives from various clubs and organizations, including their Presidents, Internal and External Vice Presidents, and Secretaries. The event took place at the College Library, starting at approximately 1:30 p.m.

The Seminar commenced with an Opening Remarks delivered by Dr. Lourdes C. Cabintoy, the RMC Vice President for Academic Affairs. Dr. Cabintoy went on to be the first speaker of the event, focusing on “Organizational Structure.” Her presentation provided valuable insights into the significance of organizational structure for our student leaders, emphasizing its essential role in orienting them toward the core objectives driving the need for such a structure.

Following Dr. Cabintoy, Prof. Antonio A. Solomon Jr., the current SSG Adviser and Internationalization Officer, took the stage. Prof. Solomon addressed the three pivotal elements for enhancing policy development. He discussed “Understanding the Basics of Policy Development,” “Evaluating Policy Effectiveness,” and concluded with “Case Studies and Best Practices.” His core message underscored the importance of crafting policies that are practical and implementable, cautioning against creating policies that lack practicality.

Next in line was Prof. Andrea D. Dedace, the Bridge Media Moderator. Prof. Dedace’s presentation delved into “Implementing and Communicating Policy Changes.” She stressed the importance of documenting policies to ensure that communication remains formal and productive. Her insights illuminated the significance of written policy documentation.

The final speaker for the event was Prof. Ezri M. Coda Jr., who coeval with “Stakeholder Engagement and Input.” He also provided a comprehensive orientation on R.A. 11313, the Anti-Bastos Law, and R.A. 11053, the Anti-Hazing Law. Prof. Coda highlighted the imperative of understanding these laws for our student leaders, as it fosters awareness and responsible decision-making. He offered practical examples to help student leaders remain vigilant in various situations.

The event culminated with closing remarks from Prof. Rosalie E. Caminero, the OSSA Director. She expressed her gratitude for the collaboration and support that made the event a success. Prof. Caminero also acknowledged the contributions of Director Amado Ancla, the Scholarship and Alumni Director, who provided valuable insights during the event. The organizers extended their appreciation to the RMC administration and the advisers of the various clubs and organizations for their staunch support, which made the event possible.

Byline: Eupheus Trailblazers

ARTICLE WRITTEN BY | RMC CTE Publication – Eupheus Trailblazer

PROOFREAD BY | Prof. Antonio A. Solomon, Jr.

PICTURED EDITED BY | Ms. Merian Fay C. Salameda




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