Glittering Crowns and Beaming Smiles: Mark Salcedo was crowned Mr. CTE and Crisjan Shane Carpentero was crowned MS.CTE

With the theme “Unity, Camaraderie, and Solidification of Future Rizal Educators through Talent and Skills” Mr. and Ms. CTE is the highlight of the CTE fest, held on October 19, 2023, at the Petro Gazz Arena. It was recently concluded by the College of Teacher Education of The Rizal Memorial Colleges, Inc. The charisma, grace, and intelligence of each candidate were on full display. Six competitors representing various teams and majors participated in the competition.

In the glamorous world of beauty pageants, where poise, elegance, and charisma converge, two exceptional people have stood out above the rest to win Mr. and Ms. CTE in 2023. With poise, assurance, and unwavering determination, Crisjan Shane Carpentero was crowned Ms. CTE 2023, and Mark Salcedo was crowned Mr. CTE 2023.

Mr. Mark Salcedo and Ms. Crisjan Shane Carpentero immediately displayed an air of elegance and allure as soon as they took the stage. Every movement they made exuded confidence, and their smiles radiated joy. The judges and the audience were enthralled by their presence because, in addition to being physically attractive, they exemplified grace and inner strength.

Throughout the competition, both competitors displayed exceptional talent and intelligence. Viewers were in awe of them during their on-stage performances as they showcased a variety of talents that were far beyond their outward appearances. During the Q&A rounds, where they answered question with poise and consideration, they demonstrated not only their physical beauty but also their sharp minds and compassion.




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