RMC Shines Bright at Bislig City Sepaktakraw Tournament

Rizal Memorial College (RMC) athletes left their mark at the 1st Bislig City Open Sepaktakraw Invitational Tournament. In an impressive display of talent, RMC secured the championship with their team RMC – A.

The final results were as follows:

Champion: RMC – A

1st Runner-Up: RMC – CBC

3rd Runner-Up: RMC – B

RMC – A showcased exceptional teamwork and agility, winning the championship in a thrilling match. This victory reflected their dedication to Sepaktakraw.

RMC’s dominance didn’t end there, as RMC – CBC secured the 1st Runner-Up spot, and RMC – B claimed the 3rd Runner-Up position, underscoring their depth in Sepaktakraw Talent.

The Bislig City Open Sepaktakraw Tournament celebrated not only competition but also sportsmanship and camaraderie. Congratulations to RMC for their impressive performance, setting a high standard for Sepaktakraw in the region.

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