RMC College of Teacher Education Paves the Way with Pre-Service Orientation

On September 25, 2023, an essential pre-service orientation took place at RMC IBED, marking a significant step in the journey of aspiring educators. The College of Teacher Education, led by their dedicated pre-service supervisor, Professor Antonio A. Solomon Jr., orchestrated this enlightening event. It served as a pivotal moment for these future teachers to grasp the profound importance of their chosen profession and the practical application of their acquired knowledge in enhancing their technical skills.

The orientation was expertly facilitated and spearheaded by two seasoned educators, Professor Gel Tiboron, the Senior High School (SHS) Coordinator, and Professor Orland Jerusalem, the Junior High School (JHS) Coordinator. Their collective wisdom and experience allowed them to emphasize the critical significance of adhering to guidelines, protocols, and best practices in the field of teaching. These two remarkable individuals have committed themselves to guiding the intern students throughout their transformative journey, ensuring that they are well-equipped to become the next generation of exceptional educators. This pre-service orientation is a testament to the commitment of RMC CTE to producing top-tier graduates who are poised to excel in the field of education.

ARTICLE WRITTEN BY | Ms. Maria Alessandra Luciana Roma., Publication Editor in Chief

PROOFREAD BY | Prof. Antonio A. Solomon Jr., CTE FS Adviser

PICTURE EDITED BY | Ms. Merian Fay Salameda., CTE Pub Layout Artist



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