Empowering Future Educators: Transformative Orientation at RMC Equips FS Students for Success

On September 18, 2023, a significant event unfolded at the Integrated Basic Education (IBED) of Rizal Memorial Colleges, Inc. The occasion marked the orientation day for Field Study (FS) students from the College of Teacher Education, specifically for students enrolled in the FS 1 and 2 courses of the program. These eager students, looking to embark on their teaching journeys, were gathered under the guidance of their FS 1 and 2 Adviser, Professor Antonio A. Solomon Jr., who holds an impressive array of educational qualifications.

The orientation, scheduled for 1:00 pm, provided a platform for Professor Gel Tiboron to impart essential guidelines and policies. This guidance was intended to help FS students grasp the fundamental importance of real-life, hands-on experiences, as demonstrated by the dedicated IBED teachers. The orientation aimed to enlighten students on how they could effectively address the challenges that come with the teaching profession. It was a crucial step in the students’ educational journey, offering them invaluable insights into the practical aspects of teaching.

The event reached its pinnacle when Dr. Albert Musico, the IBED Principal and RMC Area Director, delivered a concluding statement. His words resonated with the belief that education is a collective endeavor, and the FS students were reminded that their experiences would be richly rewarding and insightful, ultimately shaping their future as educators. This orientation was a pivotal moment in the lives of these aspiring teachers, setting them on a path toward becoming well-prepared and empathetic educators who can make a positive impact on the world of education.

ARTICLE WRITTEN BY | Ms. Maria Alessandra Luciana Roma., Publication Editor in Chief

PROOFREAD BY | Prof. Antonio A. Solomon Jr., CTE FS Adviser

PICTURED EDITED BY | Ms. Merian Fay Salameda., CTE Pub Layout Artist




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