RMC to Host “World Humanitarian Day” International Conference

The recent “World Humanitarian Day” event, hosted by The Rizal Memorial Colleges, Inc. (RMC) in collaboration with Global Academy for Human Excellence (GAHE) and the International Center for Diplomatic Studies, marked a significant milestone in the institution’s pursuit of global excellence in education. This international conference, themed “The Human Race, It Takes a Village,” served as a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration among distinguished speakers and participants from around the world. With the unwavering support of RMC’s leadership and dedicated individuals, this event transcended boundaries and left an indelible mark on all who participated.

At the helm of this monumental endeavor was Prof. Antonio A. Solomon Jr., RMC’s Internationalization Focal Person, whose commitment to fostering global connections has been exemplary. His tireless efforts in international conferences and collaborations with renowned institutions like the Global Academy for Human Excellence (GAHE) and the International Center for Diplomatic Studies paved the way for this transformative event.

Hence, Prof. Antonio A. Solomon Jr. and Prof. Ronah Maturan served as moderators who skillfully steered the event and ensured its success. Their guidance and expertise played a pivotal role in creating an enriching experience for all attendees.

The event was further enriched by the active involvement of student leaders who tirelessly worked on the event’s actualization. Ms. Merian Fay Salameda and Ms. Maria Roma, with their dedication and leadership, played instrumental roles in ensuring the event’s smooth execution. Their commitment to making the conference a success was truly commendable.

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