Mr. Felix T. Fabian, CPA (Fabian and Associates), a graduate of High School Evening Class of 1978, donated P50,000.00 as one-time scholarship grant to five (5) college students to help pay for their school fees in the Second Semester of Academic Year 2022-2023. In addition, Mr. Fabian also offered a scholarship grant for ten (10) incoming first year college students for Academic Year 2023-2024 until they graduate from their chosen programs. The scholarship grant entails 50-50 sharing between Mr. Fabian and RMC.

Mr. Fabian, along with his wife April, endorsed the P50,000 grant on Feb. 20, 2023 at the RMC Accreditation Room to the five (5) grantees in the presence of Dr. Lourdes C. Cabintoy (VP for Academic Affairs), Mr. Amado Ancla (Alumni Relations Director), Dr. Albert G. Musico (Principal, Integrated Basic Education), Dr. Annbeth Calla (Dean, College of Arts & Sciences), Dr. Agnes Mascarinas (Dean, College of Teacher Education), Dr. Anastacia Notarte (Dean, College of Agriculture), Dr. Janine Sato-Betonio (Dean, College of Business Administration), Mr. Lucino Rosas (representing Dr. Estrellita Lacuesta, Dean, College of Criminial Justice Education), Dr. Nelia Aga (Research Director), Ms. Liliosa Moneva (Quality Assurance Officer), Ms. Rosalie Caminero ( Director, Office of Student Services and Affairs), Dr. Pablo Busquit (Dean, Graduate School), and Ms. Cristina Ariate (Coordinator, National Service Training Program).

The five one-time grant recipients were Martha Lilanie R. Martizano (1st Year BS Crim), Shiela Mae S. Arellano (1st year BS Crim), Von Ryan M. Lipitin (1st Year BS Crim), Eljean Rachelle P. Alvarez (1st Year BSBA), and Jan Benjo F. Rasola (3rd Year BEED). As part of their service as alumni grantees, these students are serving as part-time volunteer student assistants during their free time helping out in the Scholarship Unit office, the IBED office, the CBA office, and the CCJE office.

In the scholarship program for 10 students, five (5) will come from RMC Senior High School graduates and the remaining five will come from non-RMC graduates. The criteria will still be finalized but applicants in the Top 10 of their Senior High School class will have an edge. Mr. Fabian emphasized in his speech that those with high potential in giving back honor to RMC such as topping the board exams will be given serious consideration as such achievements will eventually help market the school itself. The applicants’ financial condition will also be considered in the selection process where Mr. Fabian will also be involved.

Mr. Fabian was presented a Certificate of Recognition “for demonstrating loyalty to his alma mater and showing generosity of heart by donating P50,000.00 to help cover school fees of five (5) college students for the Second Semester of Academic Year 2022-2023 and for offering a scholarship program for future RMC students. Signed by Atty. Ernesto Raphael V. Robillo (VP for Administration), Dr. Lourdes C. Cabintoy (VP for Academic Affairs), and Mr. Amado S. Ancla.

Mr. Fabian identified three (3) factors that will help make the scholarship program a success: 1. applicants come from Top 10 students of their class. This ensures that the students have the potential for academic excellence and success, avoiding failing grades. 2. Quality teachers. High caliber teachers will produce high caliber students who are already of good material. 3. School facilities. The school itself provides the environment, activities and facilities to support the academic and non-academic life of the students, especially those aiming for honors.

Mr. Fabian also shared some insights and proposals for possible implementation at RMC such as a Pay-Now-Study-Later scheme, akin to educational plans with RMC and not a financial (pre-need) company as the provider. He also floated the idea of a teacher-export program where RMC enters into an agreement to supply teachers to foreign schools (such as in the USA).

RMC Director of the Office of Alumni Relations, Mr. Amado S. Ancla, was guest speaker during the 45th Graduation Anniversary of High School Day and Evening Class of 1978 last January 21, 2023 at the Pinnacle Suites Hotel, Davao City. He challenged the alumni to help create more alumni by way of scholarship grants. Mr. Fabian responded to the challenge and his one-time donation and offer of scholarship for future students were the result.

The scholarship endorsement event ended with a sumptuous lunch also sponsored by Mr. Fabian.

Alumni who wish to sponsor students by way of scholarship grants may contact Mr. Amado S. Ancla at [email protected] (A. Ancla, Feb 20, 2023).



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