RMC alumni greet 74-year-old RMC to build scholarship fund

RMC alumni congratulated their alma mater, the Rizal Memorial Colleges, on her 74th founding anniversary to raise funds for the RMC Alumni Scholarship Fund.

An invitation was sent to the alumni through the RMC Alumni Affairs Facebook group for them to be part of a video showcasing alumni batches, individuals or families greeting their school a happy anniversary.  For them to be part of the video, they pledge to donate a certain amount to start building the said scholarship fund.

Those who responded were

  1. High School Class of 1957
  2. Mr. Salvador Shigyo Limsiaco, High School 1960 and College 1965
  3. High School Class of 1969
  4. High School Class of 1971
  5. High School Class of 1978
  6. High School Class of 1982
  7. High School Class of 1983 (2 groups)
  8. High School Class of 1985
  9. High School Class of 1986
  10. Dr. Caesar C. Cabading (HS 1987) and Dr. Celine Arat-Cabading (Law School)
  11. Children of the late RMC Teacher Pilar C. Flandez:  Bienna May, Amay, and Neil
  12. The RMC Band and Majorettes
  13. The Palima Family (of Cesar’s Portrait fame)
  14. Former RMC Dean and current City Councilor Pilar C. Braga

The RMC Scholarship Alumni Scholarship Fund is an on-going project.  Any individual or groups of alumni can donate anytime and in any amount. 

This fund drive is the initiative of Mr. Amado S. Ancla, the Director of the Alumni Relations Office.  The response of the alumni to the invitation is very encouraging.  Aside from raising funds to help create more Rizalians, this project aims to engage the alumni in RMC affairs and programs.

This initiave is also reflective of this year’s anniversary theme:  Rizalian Education in the New Normal:  Transforming Challenges into Opportunies.

See video through this link: https://youtu.be/VWWZR-VZqOs

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